About Us

Weiwei Garment Accessories Co., Ltd is located in Chang'an Town of Donguan City, with plant area of over 2,000 square meters. As an experienced manufacturer, We have experiential staff members, a design team and a full set of production equipment, including CNC moulding machines, EDM machines, milling machines, die-casting machines and automatic assembly machines.

Our company has complete production lines and processing departments, such as enamel dept., epoxy dept., burnishing dept., assembling dept. and packing dept. We pay attention to the change of fashion and safe standard worldwide as per our customer's requirements.

Weiwei Garment Accessories is mainly supplying garment accessories and clothing trimmings, including jeans buttons, snap buttons, holes buttons, shank buttons, zipper sliders, Clothing Hooks garment buckles, belt buckles, bag buckles, shoe accessories, Clothing Labels Tags,and other products.

Our aim is to be a good clothing trims manufacturer with customers in order to provide GOOD, QUICK and PUNCTUAL services from development of program to production.

We faithfully hope to cooperate and develop with you. Please feel free to contact us for further information.